These are some of the songs I’ve written. In time I hope to include more information for each one.

Alaskan Railway Song
All The Chords
All The King’s Horses
Alone In The City
Awards Night
Baby In The New World
Baby We Ain’t Got Time
Baby’s Got Black Hair
Back In Your Arms
Be My Bride
Black Cat Blues
Can’t Reach You
Cherry Girl
Cockle Doodle Do
Come Home
Darkness In The Daylight
Deathlike Nobody Blues
Decision Blues
Dirty Boot Blues
Dirty Secret
Do What Your Father Told You
Don’t Be True
Empty Casket
Fight To Kiss You
Flower Girl
For Tea And Talk
Free Love
Gray Out There
Her Moon Is Flat
Hey There Death
Housewife Blues
I Hope You’re Not Home
I Know You Know
Ice Cream Man
If It’s Not Glory
I’m Being Called Away
I’m Gonna Go Do It Now
I’m Staying
In The Air
Josie By The Window
Lie Lori Lie
Love Lasts Long Enough
Made In China
Maria’s Ballad
Midnight Fever
Midnight On The Eve Of War
Milk And Bone Blues
Modern Girl
Need Me A Woman
Newspaper Man
Old Love Letters (She Read My)
Old Twentieth Century Blues
Our Love Means Something To Me
Party Of One
Pass And Fade
Put You On Top
Red Sneakers
Rivers Of Rain
Ruin My World (You Don’t Have To)
Separation Blues
She’s Changed
Silencer (Shot Through An Open Window)
Sleeping Babe
Smoldering Youth
So Joe Cool
Standing In The Fields
Sweet Things
The Ground Is Always Level At The Cross
The Rest Of The World Can Cry
These Tears Are Real
Thinking Of Moving
Time I Rushed In
Until The Day Is Real
Upon The Feathery Pillow
Upon The Road To Dreaming
Voices In The Night
Waitin’ On God
Wall Street Blues
We Won’t Last Long Here
Wedding Bells Are Ringing
What Did You Become?
What Good Is A Kiss (When You’re Scowling)?
What I Owed You
Working World
You And Me
You Won’t Disgust Me
Zombie Blues

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