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Wall Street Blues – 2007-08-19

Wall Street Blues

Here’s a song I wrote back in 1998, “Wall Street Blues”. It was delivered as an instrumental speech to my International Finance 410 class complete with electric guitars and a backing band (my buddy Jim Bob), for which I received an ‘A’ grade.

The recording posted here is from 2007, and features my band, The Midnights!

Wall Street Blues

I was drinking down at the bar
Stock broker showed me his brand new car
His new gold watch, and his girlfriend, too
He said, “hey buddy, I can get all of this for you.
Uh-huh, just invest a little money in me.
I’ll make you a rich man, yeah boy, you’ll see.”

I bought ’em low, and I watched ’em rise.
The stock split, then doubled in size.
Monday came and went in a flash,
But on Tuesday morning the whole market crashed, uh-huh
And I went into a trance.
I should have listened to my baby
And sold them when I had the chance.

The market crashed, the market crashed,
The market splashed, smashed, and
I lost all of my cash, uh-huh,
It’s all over the news.
I was looking for some new shoes but all I found was them
Wall Street Blues.

Now I’m walking in the streets
I got no money and nothing to eat
I’ll tell you once, you can take it from me,
Ain’t nobody on Wall Street getting rich for free, huh-uh
You better be ready to lose
Don’t end up like me, with them
Wall Street Blues.

This song becomes relevant every ten years or so.

TVFury Podcast Rocks Joe Greenwood Song

Hey, the 1st @TVFury podcast is done. The topic: NYC street ball. Music by @joegreenwood.

[Editor’s note: The song is “Modern Girls“, which you can listen to via FREE MP3 download, as well as many others over on the music page.]

In The News: Charlie Parr with The Midnights at NDMOA

Charlie Parr
Charlie Parr, photo by Evan Boucher

On Tuesday, July 5, hundreds gathered outside of the North Dakota Museum of Art to see Charlie Parr, an internationally renowned bluegrass and folk musician.

The Midnights, who opened for Charlie Parr, formed in the summer of 2007, with Mr. Joe Greenwood bringing some of his home-spun tunes. The name is derived from the band’s rehearsal time slot from 12:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. The rehearsal time was a unique requirement for the Midnights, as Greenwood could only rehearse after he got off work from the Grand Forks Herald newspaper.