Amp Check Fugue in A Major

It’s been a while since I’ve played a guitar into a microphone so thought I’d try out this little one I have sitting around the station:

amp check fugue in A Major

Fender Telecaster into a Gibson Falcon

One love

P.S. The word ‘fugue’ is used here in reference to psychological state rather than the musical composition technique of repeating melody in two or more voice, but the complete song is in fact to be played as that kind of fugue… when you have enough people to play the parts.

You Won’t Disgust Me – The Sunday Mornings, “Bloodshot Eyes” – 2003-03

The Blackwood Press DUB, March 2003, cover painting "The Fashion Show" by Dave Bullhorn

This song was originally published March 2003 in The Blackwood Press DUB, a nearly unmentionable ‘zine I helped publish.

You Won’t Disgust Me – The Sunday Mornings – Bloodshot Eyes

You Won’t Disgust Me

put your mind
in my dish
make a wish
I won’t waste it
I’ll see what I can do
I want to make it come true

put your heart
in my hands
the beat stands
on my fingers
the blood lingers
I will do my best
to fulfill your breast

baby you can trust me
let me look
you won’t disgust me

put your mouth
where my lips are
take a look at my hip scar
it waits for you
I wanna share this chance
would you care to dance?

baby you can trust me
let me look
you won’t disgust me

As usual, this is more like a one-off half-formed number that my friend Jim Bob and I were messing around with. There are a few others that complement the experience, maybe I should post those as well. I’m glad we recorded them.

Wall Street Blues – 2007-08-19

Wall Street Blues

Here’s a song I wrote back in 1998, “Wall Street Blues”. It was delivered as an instrumental speech to my International Finance 410 class complete with electric guitars and a backing band (my buddy Jim Bob), for which I received an ‘A’ grade.

The recording posted here is from 2007, and features my band, The Midnights!

Wall Street Blues

I was drinking down at the bar
Stock broker showed me his brand new car
His new gold watch, and his girlfriend, too
He said, “hey buddy, I can get all of this for you.
Uh-huh, just invest a little money in me.
I’ll make you a rich man, yeah boy, you’ll see.”

I bought ’em low, and I watched ’em rise.
The stock split, then doubled in size.
Monday came and went in a flash,
But on Tuesday morning the whole market crashed, uh-huh
And I went into a trance.
I should have listened to my baby
And sold them when I had the chance.

The market crashed, the market crashed,
The market splashed, smashed, and
I lost all of my cash, uh-huh,
It’s all over the news.
I was looking for some new shoes but all I found was them
Wall Street Blues.

Now I’m walking in the streets
I got no money and nothing to eat
I’ll tell you once, you can take it from me,
Ain’t nobody on Wall Street getting rich for free, huh-uh
You better be ready to lose
Don’t end up like me, with them
Wall Street Blues.

This song becomes relevant every ten years or so.

Times I Rushed In – 2007-06-07

Times I Rushed In

Another example of a scratched record. But that’s why you’re here, right?

I like this for the guitar tone that comes in around the five minute mark. It sounds like the Hagstrom Viking through Dave’s Celestion Alnico Blues. But previous to that throughout the song it sounds like the Peavey Predator … housing pickups from a 1972 Fender Stratocaster, courtesy of Uncle Al.

Upon The Road To Dreaming – 2010-02-14

Upon The Road to Dreaming

This was Valentine’s Day 2010, rockin’ out with The Midnights!

We recorded a bunch of songs during our practice that night and pretty much all of them have a missed note or more. Regardless, there are parts in each of them that shine through. The Story of The Midnights Band!

We have a lot of scratched records.

Johann Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D Major’, 1694; popular arrangement for solo guitar, as performed by Joe Greenwood on double guitar

I was asked to play this song for a girlfriend’s wedding as she walked her processional down the aisle.

That day, it was beautiful; but I was only able to play the first several opening measures. So, as a gift, I made this recording of the full arrangement.

Johann Pachelbel’s ‘Canon in D Major’, 1694; popular arrangement for solo guitar, as performed by Joe Greenwood on double guitar

This is a widely popular arrangement for solo guitar that I have been playing since I was a young boy. Here, I recorded myself twice, once on top of the other, to fill in some areas that felt inarticulate without further clarification. It is a quick, rough sketch; I am far away from perfection in so many things, and my life is short.

My favorite performance arrangement for this song includes a group of strings, nearer the original score for three violins and basso continuo. Just the thought blooms a panoramic scene of beauty inside my mind.

For this recording, and at the wedding, I used an Epiphone ‘Chet Atkins’ model classical style electric-acoustic guitar, with nylon strings and a broad classical style neck. The guitar is borrowed from my uncle Alan.