Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine live music band

These guys put in an energetic, intelligent, sharp funk-rock metal show; I wish them the best on their tour! Hookers Made Out Of Cocaine, from Columbus, OH. Very fun, thanks to Ojata Records for putting it together.

A new band called Ortolan Saints

Ortolan Saints
Ortolan Saints

I have been playing with a new band, Ortolan Saints .. woohoo!

We are trying to be a heavy metal band, but sometimes I think we kind of puss out. I need to work on keeping things darker (and heavier!) with my guitar.

The band has been a great writing exercise for me to exorcise some cynical demon commentary from my heart. I’m not outstandingly proud to be presenting these lyrics to the public, but writing them was a necessary casting out of ideas and emotions that have built up inside of my mind. I’m happy to have the opportunity to express them, to perhaps let their antagonists expire and die free, rather than to continue to reign as a shadow upon my soul.

Check out one of the songs, here: Smashed.

Learn more about Ortolan Saints at www.ortolansaints.com.