Amp Check Fugue in A Major

It’s been a while since I’ve played a guitar into a microphone so thought I’d try out this little one I have sitting around the station:

amp check fugue in A Major

Fender Telecaster into a Gibson Falcon

One love

P.S. The word ‘fugue’ is used here in reference to psychological state rather than the musical composition technique of repeating melody in two or more voice, but the complete song is in fact to be played as that kind of fugue… when you have enough people to play the parts.

Upon The Road To Dreaming – 2010-02-14

Upon The Road to Dreaming

This was Valentine’s Day 2010, rockin’ out with The Midnights!

We recorded a bunch of songs during our practice that night and pretty much all of them have a missed note or more. Regardless, there are parts in each of them that shine through. The Story of The Midnights Band!

We have a lot of scratched records.

Kindle Edition: Book For Sale: Pipe Etchings, Bled From Stone

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Pipe Etchings, Bled From Stone, by Joseph Greenwood
Pipe Etchings, Bled From Stone, by Joseph Greenwood

I have a book for sale on It’s titled, “Pipe Etchings, Bled From Stone“. Please buy it! [Click here for the Kindle Edition]